A leading range of torches and lighting products perfect for Walkers, Dog Walkers, Camping, Festivals and DIY/Tradesmen.

Introducing the new Handheld Torch which incorporates a 125db Personal Alarm. The Minder “WalkSafe” is the ideal product for anyone who goes out walking at night. The Minder “WalkSafe” features a 3 LED Torch ideal to light the way on your way home. Should an emergency situation occur simply press the Alarm button which sets off the 125db Siren. The Alarm has a carabiner clip perfect for attaching to clothing, rucksacks or uniforms.

This product is perfect for Dog Walkers, Night Watchmen, Security Staff, Joggers, the elderly and students.

The Minder Walk-Safe Super Beam,

has the following features :

  • Powerful Lamp – Ideal as a work light
  • Bright Torch
  • Strong Magnetic Mount
  • Handy Integral Hook
  • Ideal for Camping & Outdoor activities
  • 3 Settings. Off, Torch, Lamp
  • 200 Lumen’s
  • 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)

Minder Walk-Safe Super Beam Headtorch

The Minder Walk-Safe SuperBeam Head Torch utilizes the latest CREE LED lighting technology and has 120
lumen’s of power and 3 lighting modes to give you the option to choose the perfect light for the occasion.

Minder Walk-Safe Mini Beam

The Walk-Safe Mini Beam is a completely portable penlight and combines a magnetic base so it can placed on metal objects to free stand whilst working or completing tasks in the dark. It also has a belt clip so it is a handy torch to carry on the go. The belt clip can be used to hang inside tents, etc, making it the perfect product for camping.

Minder Walk-Safe Solar Wind-up Torch

Our Minder Walk-Safe Solar Torch is the ideal solution for night time safety. It’s ability to gain power from both Wind up or Solar makes the product environmentally friendly and ensures a continuous power source in any emergency situation. Also ideal for motorists.

Minder Walk-Safe Super Beam Lantern

The Minder Walk-Safe SuperBeam lantern utilizes the latest CREE LED lighting technology and has 3 ultra
powerful COB LED’s fitted to produce a powerful light, it also has 6 Red Emergency Flashing LED’s so it is the
ultimate lighting product for the outdoors.

The lantern has a choice of brightness and can also be switched to emergency mode with the flashing red light. The lantern also includes a handy hanging metal hook.

Great for camping, fishing, walking, hiking and outdoor activities.